Chronic Illness and Spirituality


            I haven’t read many blogs or read much of the ones I’ve looked at, because my sensitive nervous system becomes too agitated when online. I also haven’t seen something that has sparked my interest on the topic I was looking for; chronic illness & spirituality and how they intersect. Therefore, I thought I’d start my own blog with the help of a caregiver who will set it up and type out all my entries.

I’ve written a lot about chronic illness & spirituality, particularly about my own experience which includes seizure, anxiety and sleep disorders. I even tried to write a book on the subject but found it too much for me to pull off. I thought a blog might be a better way to express myself – more manageable. This way too, I could include essays, stories, poetry and journal entries, and in this way, hope I can connect with others, perhaps starting “conversations”. My caregiver could read or print out any responses. This too, would give me a sense of purpose and a project to focus on that I could carry off.

So, I will start with the following entry – an excerpt from my “book”.


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